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Worcester’s Best Little Treats

Belen Casa de Pan, 932 Main St. Photograph by Leo Kerz.

One of life’s joys is what Gen Z calls a “little treat”. According to Chaunie Brusie of Yahoo’s “In the Know,” a little treat is “when you feel like you deserve to buy something small — a fun latte during a morning commute or a fancy seltzer during lunch — for getting through hard tasks, running errands or sometimes just because you feel like it.” The concept has been widely popularized by TikTok and may refer to anything from an afternoon snack to a brand new outfit.

Little treats are the key to staying motivated during a study session, fortifying yourself after a big exam or discussing the latest campus drama with friends. There are lots of different options for sweet or savory snacks within walking distance of Clark’s campus. As the fall semester gets underway, make sure to check out the variety of little treats listed below.

Slurpee – 7/11 – 973 Main St.

While relatively simple in execution, there is something nostalgic about walking into a 7/11 on a hot day and serving yourself a Slurpee. They are relatively cheap, and a 7/11 is located directly diagonal from Higgins Café, which makes it a favorite dessert. The slightly fizzy slush comes in flavors such as blue raspberry, lemonade and cherry. It is the perfect companion to a summer walk in University Park or a post-study session treat.

Tsunami Fries and Bubble Tea – Holy Poke – 2 Oliver St.

Besides their build-your-own poke bowls, Holy Poke is known for having the best bubble tea in walking distance. Choose between flavors such as wintermelon, green apple or strawberry, then add boba or jelly to complete your drink. A unique offering you cannot find anywhere else is their tsunami fries. It consists of a basket of standard french fries drizzled with spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce and an umami furikake seasoning. Bubble tea and tsunami fries are a great way to cap off a day of classes.

Bagels, Coffee and Pastries – iKrave Café – 517 Park Ave.

A bit of a hidden spot, iKrave Café’s wide selection of coffees, smoothies, bagels and pastries are the perfect morning pick-me-up or afternoon snack. From egg sandwiches to caramel lattes, the menu offers something for everyone. It is not quite on the level of the beloved Dunkin’, but their consistency and customer service far surpass any other coffee shop in the area.

Quesadillas, Cupcakes and Sandwiches – Belen Casa de Pan – 932A Main St.

Located next to Annie’s Clark Brunch, Belen Casa de Pan is brand new to Main Street and has quickly become a favorite. With its unique focus is Salvadoran-American cuisine, the menu blends favorite little treats like quesadillas and tres leches with the classic café fare of cupcakes and sandwiches. In addition to baked goods, Belen has tea and coffee to pair with whatever your heart desires. Belen is an excellent pitstop on your way to class and a great place to grab a quick lunch.

Pho – Saigon Restaurant – 976 Main St.

Worcester is home to a robust Vietnamese community which includes many family owned institutions that have become part of the fabric of the Main South neighborhood. Saigon Restaurant on Main Street has an extensive menu featuring banh mi, pho and vermicelli noodles that are the perfect lunch or afternoon snack. If you are in the mood, finish off your meal with Vietnamese coffee, which features a dark-roasted coffee along with sweetened condensed milk.


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