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Worcester Introduces Vision Zero Survey

Leo Kerz
Looking north on Worcester’s Park Ave, a road marked as dangerous in several areas by Vision Zero Survey participants.

“44 deaths and 460 injured on our roads in [the] last 5 years.” That’s the cost of automobility in Worcester, according to the city’s Vision Zero online flier. “Locals are 5x more likely to be hit in Worcester than elsewhere in Massachusetts,” it reads. The flier urges community members to “become a part of the solution” by completing the survey. 

The launch of the Vision Zero Safety Action Plan was announced in a Feb. 20 City of Worcester press release by the city’s Department of Transportation and Mobility (DTM) and City Manager Eric Batista.

The plan is funded by a grant from the US Department of Transportation’s Safe Streets and Roads for All Program. Vision Zero is an international movement to reimagine how street safety is approached and eliminate traffic fatalities, according to a DTM webpage. It is focused on creating proactive design systems that improve safety for all street users.

Worcester’s Vision Zero survey is being used to assess priority areas for the project. It asks respondents about their street experiences and the dangers they have faced. In addition, there is an online map on which respondents can pin dangerous locations and add comments about their concerns as it relates to driving, biking, walking, or taking the bus. 

As of March 21, there have been at least 250 pins added to the map, split roughly equally between driving, biking, and walking.

In Main South, Cambridge Street’s intersections with Freeland Street, Richards Street, and Canterbury Street (added by a driver, a biker, and a pedestrian), are all described as being dangerous due to the speed of drivers there. 

The intersection of May Street and Lovell Street – a corner of Clark’s Hadwen Arboretum – is noted to not have a crosswalk. 

Several pins are placed where May Street and Park Avenue meet, near CVS, for its dangerous design. One commenter described being rear-ended while waiting to turn left. Another referenced that the intersection has “hazardous left turns for vehicles in all directions.” 

Some areas highlighted on the map are projects that the Worcester DTM has already planned, including a holistic redesign of Chandler Street. According to the DTM’s webpage on the project, the section of Chandler Street between Main Street and Park Avenue will undergo “design changes to reduce crashes and improve safety and accommodations for all users.” Construction is planned to begin in 2026. The intersection of Chandler Street and May Street is also being redesigned, with work slated to begin in 2025.

On March 18, a City of Worcester press release announced that the city was awarded $2 million of federal funding for improvements to Mill Street, another area that was heavily marked on the map. The project is intended to be guided by public input and community engagement before plans are implemented. As of yet, no timeframe has been decided.

All Worcester community members are encouraged to take the Vision Zero survey and add to the map, both of which can be found at The survey closes on March 31.

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  • Wearahelmet ~ Apr 1, 2024 at 6:33 pm

    Also good luck of your handicap getting down these streets esp in the winter.

  • Wearahelmet ~ Apr 1, 2024 at 6:32 pm

    How about we make driving license req stricter and make penalties for driving wo a license much more severe. Actually enforcing traffic laws like we de pre pandemic/defund the police. Instead we just put a ridiculous bike lane on mill St. The second you cross into worcester it turns into a free-for-all driving. Never mind the bums and jaywakera walking around on cloud 9. We’re one step away from Portland, Oregon.

  • Geoge ~ Apr 1, 2024 at 2:45 am

    Holden is really bad as well f de don’t know why we paid so much taxes

  • Manny ~ Mar 31, 2024 at 12:25 pm

    Something needs to be done about the groups of kids on bicycles that ride in front of cars and stop traffic. Yes changes need to be made but we all need to abide by the rules and do our part.

  • George ~ Mar 31, 2024 at 11:35 am

    Maybe we would have fewer accidents if walkers and bikers obeyed common sense ! Look both ways before you cross a street. You DON’T own the streets. Bikers you have to obey the rules of the road. Don’t blow thru stop signs , if the road is two lanes we don’t need you to make it 3 ? Trucks might not see you as tried to pass them on the right.

  • Carla E Torres ~ Mar 31, 2024 at 10:26 am

    Years ago my oldest sister was crossing te street of park Avenue with my niece both got hit by a car witch is two lanes one lane stopped and on the other lane a male driver passed did not stop and hit my sister while carrying my niece thank to God my niece wasn’t hurt but my sister took all the hit and was in a coma for a month lost vision on her left eye and had to be on rehabilitation thank God they both survive park ave is known as accidents ocure. And it’s very sad