Climate Change Letter to the Editor

Ashley Valois, Contributing Writer

“We must reverse the nefarious consequences of global warming, which is a powerful threat to our planet and to humanity,” said, José Condugua António  Pacheco, the foreign minister of Mozambique. Climate change is not an individual issue, it is a global issue that encompasses the teamwork of different nations battling a variety of subissues, such as obtaining and adopting the use of renewable energy. 

Massachusetts has made significant progress combating climate change. We have no fossil fuel reserves, and renewable energy development is highly encouraged. The necessary steps for change have been taken, however, we need to officially reinforce our fight against the ever-worsening climate crisis. 

There is a bill currently going through  the Massachusetts General Court titled The 100% Clean Act. This bill asks for Massachusetts to completely transfer to 100% clean electricity, heating, and transportation. Passing this bill in Massachusetts is not an insignificant milestone. It would inspire other states to follow suit. Once other countries see that it has gained traction in the U.S., this will encourage them to do the same. The fight for renewable energy starts with a simple step. We owe it to ourselves and the planet.